Is one Democracy Day enough?

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Happy Democracy Day!

On Tuesday, the BBC held its Democracy Day to celebrate the 750th anniversary of the first parliament of elected representatives at Westminster. There were many interesting programmes on radio and TV all day (some of which can still be heard on BBC iPlayer). For those of us committed to democracy, it was a fascinating mix of news, commentary and insight into the parliamentary process.

In a school in Columbia, I heard that they have a Participation Day where the children get to be actively involved in their learning, where they participate, where their voices are aired.

On March 8th every year, we have International Women’s Day, a fabulous opportunity to raise issues, to campaign, to celebrate, to be visible, to have our voices heard.

All of these events beg the question – is one day enough? Why can’t every day be a Democracy Day, a Participation Day, or a Women’s Day? By confining them to one day of the year, are we suggesting that the other 364 days can be justified for being non-democractic, non-participatory and male-centred?

Here’s to making every day a Democracy Day.

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