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Jan 15, 2015

Why write a blog?

Posted: January 15, 2015

Why write a blog? What direction will I take? Who am I writing for? These are the questions that any new blog-writer might ask themselves. I am no different.

Working as a university academic gives me many opportunities to share my ideas. I regularly teach undergraduates and postgraduates. I speak at conferences. I write articles for publication in peer-reviewed journals. Yet, academics have a reputation for living in an ivory tower, for not being in the ‘real world’. Although I feel very grounded in the ‘real world’, I do accept that I use mechanisms that tend to reach a limited audience. Much as I love working with students (all of whom, of course, are real people who live in the real world too), there are many more people who I would love to talk to, to connect with, to hear from.

One of my colleagues is really interested in social media, and speaking to her has challenged me to think about blogging and tweeting. It is all very new to me, but it could be an exciting new adventure. A new direction.

This blog is an attempt to reach out to new people. If you are reading this, I am interested to know more – who are you, and how did you stumble across this blog?