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Feb 11, 2015

Freedom to Learn – want to get involved?

Posted: February 11, 2015

The Freedom to Learn Project is an international cross-sector research project that wants to  find out what happens when schools and universities, across a range of countries, make a decision to operate differently from the norm. Do radical and alternative ways of working have a positive impact on students? Do they reduce social and educational inequality? Do they offer an insight into how to improve education for all? The Freedom to Learn Project is an all-encompassing name which incorporates several separate but interlinked projects. They are all concerned with freedom, autonomy and social justice.

I am co-founder of The Freedom to Learn Project, alongside Dr Catherine Montgomery, also at the University of Hull. We have managed to draw together a fabulous bunch of people to help drive this project forward (see website for details) but we are still looking for more.

It is exciting to be working with people in schools and universities, across several countries, to explore these issues. Do you want to be involved?

Please check out our website and Facebook page:



Look forward to hearing from you.