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Research and writing

This is a photo of me and my friend Dan Ford. He was a former PhD student at the University of Hull, and I was his doctoral supervisor. His thesis – and him as a person – inspired me to step into a wilder world.

Dan completed his PhD in August 2019. His thesis, entitled, “Between the Factory and the Forest: An ethnographic exploration of three educational programmes seeking to provide young people with experiences of the wild” is an inspirational piece of work, particularly because of the way that he has foregrounded the voices of young people, some of whom share their stories of having deep transformational encounters in wild places.

Dan and I are currently dreaming up a new book, tentatively called ‘Rewilding Education’ (or ‘Wilding Education’). We will share stories, personal experiences, research data, theoretical arguments, recommendations for schools, and more. Watch this space.

Courses / Events

I am having a wonderful time collaborating with Chris Salisbury at Wildwise and Rachel Fleming at Embercombe. We have created a new year-long programme, due to start in February 2020, and running at locations in Devon, Cornwall and Scotland. It is a deep and immersive adventure in rewilding, and I can’t wait for it to start!

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